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At Change Makers' Education Society we want to help you achieve your dreams.  By providing a variety of basic workshops and programs we strive to meet your needs. 

We offer one-to-one tutoring, small group workshops and a variety of opportunities to enhance physical literacy, creativity and team-building. 

We are facilitators of Living Life to the Full

We have engaged the community in many events such as:

  • Kaien Fusion of Fashion, Culture, and Dance 

  • Go By Bike Weeks 

  • Long Exposure Photography

  • Modern dance and movement workshops

  • And many more.

Basic Computer Workshop

New to computers?

You can learn with us. We provide basic computer literacy workshops.  We are here to help you create an e-mail account, conduct internet searches, access on-line services, education and tutorials and we can help you create, format and save documents.   

Community Connections Workshop

This interactive workshop was ​developed to help you discover your gifts and begin to understand how your unique skills can benefit our community.  We also help you identify the variety of resources and services available in our town to help you achieve success.  

Financial Literacy Workshop

A basic financial literacy course designed to help you identify values, understand how to budget, income vs. expenses, and develop goal setting techniques.  

Tutoring and Literacy Support

With a board and staff made up of educators from a variety of disciplines, we can help you with your learning needs.  

We specialize in literacy and communication and can work with you to provide assessments and track your progress.  

We offer specialized literacy services for adults, ESL learners and people wanting to improve their skill in reading, writing and numeracy. 

Community Tax Clinic

Taxes have you confused?

Completing your tax return can be stressful; we can help you to understand your income statements and complete your tax return by paper or online.  

We have trained practitioners available to help low income clients and those in need complete and electronically file their tax returns. 

Health Literacy

Your health is one of the most important things, we understand that.  

We can help you discover ways to maintain your health through our various health programs.   

We help host our local Bike to School and Work Week. With the support of Northern Health Imagine Grant and through our partnership with Brilliant Experience, we offer juggling workshops.

Service Prices

We have a number of workshops available for businesses and service providers and we would be happy to work with you to design a customized workshop.

Writing Out


Writing Out Loud is a writing resource workshop.  

It encourages participants to write.  This is an ideal activity to bring to an already active group, it is a great way to encourage effective writing and communication skills 

1/2 day Workshops


3 hour sessions

Choose from:





Customized Workshops

Please contact us to discuss a customized workshop to suit your needs

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