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Community Literacy Programs

Cultural Learning Connections is a Community Adult Literacy Program (CALP) in Prince Rupert which will provide learners with the opportunity and support to plan and fulfil their learning goals.


Computer, resume and job search workshops are delivered at our McKay Street Adult Literacy Space
and our K'oomtk Drop-in Centre for YA.

Seminars focused on financial literacy, goal setting, planning and identifying resources in our community will be delivered. Change Makers’ recognizes that health and civic literacy are important; we use these concepts to encourage discussion, promote healthy decision making and provide engaging activities for our learners.


Our Cultural Learning Connections CALP is designed to be delivered alongside, and complementary to, the Raven Tale Revival Indigenous CALP. These two programs will work in unison to develop cross cultural understanding. They will work toward reconciliation while having the teaching capacity to address the unique challenges of working in a multicultural environment. 

The Cultural Learning Connections CALP will allow immigrants and non-indigenous community members to connect with our Indigenous community members. Together they will explore the legacy of colonialism in Canada and work toward reconciliation through learning about Indigenous history, culture and exploring legends and myths.  We will focus on reading, writing, storytelling, digital media, and theatre to develop communication, teamwork and interpersonal dynamics.


This work is essential in our community to provide services that span cultural and socio-economic groups. This will create a safe space for participants to meet and push to achieve personal goals and common goals, promote cultural understanding, and improve their employability skills.



We are developing experiential peer learning programs so that learners will have the unique opportunity to mentor and direct the application of their learning.

We have developed a community connection seminar that has helped job seekers identify their unique gifts that they can share to develop a more resilient and integrated community. 

We deliver community-based programming through our partnerships in the community. 

Learners may learn to use computers, apply for online services like Ministry of Social Services, Employment Insurance Premiums, Secure Certificate of Indian Status, file taxes, write resumes and search job sites.

Our close partnerships with Coast Mountain College and Hecate Strait Employment Development Society allows us to provide support and link learners to specific employment resources and educational opportunities so they may continue their education and gain employment.

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