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Nomination Packages

During the Annual General Meeting, all members will be electing our board of directors. 
Board members are essential to ensure that our society is maintaining our public duties and responsibilities.  Board members are also important as they share their knowledge and expertise to help develop the vision and strategic plan for Change Makers Education Society. 


 The role of a board member is to:

  •  Act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the society
  •  Exercise the care, diligence and skill that a reasonably prudent individual would exercise in comparable circumstances and act in accordance with the Societies Act and the by-laws, policies and procedures of Change Makers
  • Establish policies and procedures necessary to carry out Change Makers’ mission and purpose
  •  Approve annual budgets and financial statements.
  • Help develop, implement and identify priorities for the Board’s Strategic Plan
  • Actively promote the Change Makers’ Education Society

The duties of a Board Member are to:

  • Attend scheduled Board meetings, review all materials distributed prior to the meeting, be prepared and ready to act on scheduled agenda items
  • Pay annual membership fee and Attend the Annual General Meeting
  • Attend functions throughout the year to represent Change Makers to strengthen our relationships in the community
  • Participate in committees and other related activities of Change Makers
  • Assist with fundraising strategy, planning and activities
If you are interested in taking an active role on our board of directors, you can fill out a nomination form and 

return it by email to, or 

by submitting it directly to one of our board members or 

dropping it off at our office location 661 McKay Street, Prince Rupert, BC V8J 3X6 .   

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