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Changing lives through knowledge.

Helping people gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to take part in developing a healthy community and live a fulfilling life. 

Meet  our board of directors who make this all possible. 

Bob Pearson, Vice-President

Bob has a lifelong interest in literacy, he has been involved in publishing and is an avid reader.​ He has spent the better part of the past decade helping those in need, be it adult assisted living, or in his current position of Tenant Support Worker for the Transition Society at the Crow's Nest Lodge.​

He brings along skills in problem solving. He enjoys talking with people and both learning and teaching new skills.​

He has edited an online magazine for 15 years, am is an author/artist for Historical journals and featured in over 100 published books.

William Nelson, Vice- Preident


Happy Wang, Treasurer

Happy Wang, has served as Treasurer for Change Makers since 2019.  Happy believes in striving for excellence, transforming self and others, and adding value to our community and the world! Wonderful performance comes from integrity, diligence, consideration, critical thinking, and savvy! When we are confident, work is play.

He holds a Master Diploma in Accounting from McGill University, his experience includes all levels of accounting, personal taxes and corporate taxes, data analysis; performance strategy, plan, implement, and analysis; human resource management; corporate and personal financial literacy, financial analysis, and financial engagements; etc.

He has volunteered for many events and has been passionate to various activities that promote our community to become better and better, more and more beautiful.  Contribute love, joy and fun to people’s life, that is what the name “Happy” means.

Katie Kowal.  Secretary


Sharon Jo Scott, Director

Jill Scott, Director

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